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There are two types of skin redness: temporary – like flush, erythrosis-, and permanent- such couperosis and rosacea. Both of them can be caused by vascular fragility, defective physical barrier or an immune barrier disturbed (Demodex). UV, climate change, allergens, stress and hereditary factors are external agents that can aggravate this skin concern.

Roseliane range offers efficient and gentle Anti-redness skincare products that restores comfort for sensitive skin prone to redness. Thanks to a unique global anti-redness approach, Roséliane skincare repairs and strengthens the epidermis, relieves slight burning sensations, and reduces inflammation and redness.

Uriage created adapted treatments that soothe and comfort the skin, while strengthening the micro-vessels and the cutaneous barrier. It offers a unique triple action concept that repairs and reinforces the epidermis by limiting transpidermal water loss and the penetration of external agents. Meanwhile, a combination of two exclusive patents calm the feelings of heat and the irritations and inflammation by regulating Démodex effects (parasite responsible for local irritations). On the other hand, by reinforcing the vascular barrier, the visible redness decreases as a result of an improvement in the vessels weather variation resistance. The complete Roseliane line offers excellent tolerance, suitable for the use of the most delicate and irritable skin types.

With Uriage Thermal Water in the heart of all formulations, the different products are isotonic, thanks to their high concentration in minerals and trace elements, as well as highly moisturizing, thanks to its composition close to NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor). They all have a high amount of calcium, which provides a soothing effect to the skin, and a combination of Copper & Zinc, which favors the healing of the tissues. Their richness in manganese & magnesium guarantees antioxidant protection and the action of silicon softens and create a permeable film that retains water and maintains the correct hydration of the epidermis.