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An expert and innovative insulating and repairing skincare range for weakened and irritated skin. The Bariéderm skincare products are specially designed to meet the needs of specific problems such as cracks and fissures. Formulated with two exclusive patents, POLY-2P and GF-REPAIR, this face and body care line insulates the skin from external aggressions, improves epidermis reconstruction, reduces redness and pain and prevents post-scar marks. Generously infused with URIAGE THERMAL WATER, all the Bariéderm products strengthen skin barrier of babies, children and adults alike.

Thanks to the combination of 2 Polymers (POLY-2P Patent), the different formulas of the Bariéderm range provide 2 different protective actions. On one side, Pyrrolidone polymer insulates the skin from external aggressions and limits transpidermal water loss without causing occlusion, letting the skin breathe. On the other hand, Phosphorylcholine polymer Repairs lipid cements up to 10 μm deep and retains water. Thanks to the stimulation of growth factors synthesis favored by stimulates the healing process of blood vessels, keratinocytes and fibroblastes alike.

With Uriage Thermal Water in the heart of all formulations, the different products are isotonic, thanks to their high concentration in minerals and trace elements, as well as highly moisturizing, thanks to its composition close to NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor). They all have a high amount of calcium, which provides a soothing effect to the skin, and a combination of Copper & Zinc, which favors the healing of the tissues. Their richness in manganese & magnesium guarantees antioxidant protection and the action of silicon softens and create a permeable film that retains water and maintains the correct hydration of the epidermis.

The different products of the Bariéderm range were created to treat a great variety of big and small injuries, such as scratches, diaper rashes, mosquito bites, post dermo-esthetic procedures, superficial cuts, postoperative lesions, superficial burns and post-tattoo treatments. All the formulas are water resistant, slightly scented and dermatologically tested.