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A range of intimate hygiene care products were designed to offer with extreme gentleness intense freshness and long-lasting comfort; tested under gynecological control and indicated for all ages and needs. Soap-free, paraben-free formulations that cleanse the intimate area while preventing dryness and respecting the balance of the intimate zone thanks to its physiological pH.

The High tolerance formulations cleanses all mucous membranes, even the most sensitive ones regardless the circumstances: post partum, during menstruation, after the pool, in summer after the beach and bathing, among others. Suitable for all women from the age of 4 and up. GYN-PHY combines Glyco-Gyn cleansing complex with carefully elaborated galenics (texture and fragrance), to guarantee both effectiveness and a pleasant application.

With Uriage Thermal Water in the heart of all formulations, the different products are isotonic, thanks to their high concentration in minerals and trace elements, as well as highly moisturizing, thanks to its composition close to NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor). They all have a high amount of calcium, which provides a soothing effect to the skin, and a combination of Copper & Zinc, which favors the healing of the tissues. Their richness in manganese & magnesium guarantees antioxidant protection and the action of silicon softens and create a permeable film that retains water and maintains the correct hydration of the epidermis.