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The 6 Enemies That Dehydrate Your Skin!

The 6 Enemies That Dehydrate Your Skin!

Here are the 6 enemies that contribute to the decrease of your skin's water reserve:

1 - Smoking and pollution clog the skin's pores and alter its protective film.

2 - Alcohol does not quench your thirst, on the contrary, it dehydrates your body.

3 - Air conditioning, heat, cold: all climatic variations promote the evaporation of water.

4 - Rubbing clothes on the skin alters its protective barrier, water is less well retained in the epidermis.

5 - Showers and baths that are too hot and too long weaken the skin, either because the water is too hard or because of aggressive washing products.

6 - Stress, so .... KEEP CALM!


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