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How To Care For Damaged Hands Exposed To Daily Attacks?

How To Care For Damaged Hands Exposed To Daily Attacks?

Do you have damaged, extremely dry hands exposed to daily aggressions such as chemicals, hydroalcoholic gels or contact dermatitis?

At Uriage, we have a real protecting hand cream that isolates and repairs: BARIEDERM INSULATING REPAIRING HAND CREAM.

This Uriage hand cream forms a real non-occlusive protective shield on the skin and promotes its repair if it is already attacked by frequent hand washes and hydro-alcoholic solutions.

It penetrates quickly, does not stick, is invisible on application and is water resistant.

Whether for professional or family use, you can apply your Bariederm Hand Cream by Uriage as often as necessary.


Its strengths:

  • Its double action: its formula protects and repairs.
  • Its proven effectiveness in people with severe dry hands (irritative dermatitis with/without dyshidrosis, chronic hand dermatitis activities)
  • Its galenic: pleasant texture, invisible on application, non-occlusive, non-greasy and non-sticky.

“I love this cream; I have very dry hands because I am a caregiver, and she spends a lot of time under the water. Thanks to this cream, I no longer have cracks, my hands are well hydrated, softer and they are not graceful to the touch.” - Severine P

With Uriage

Wash your hands gently with BARIEDERM CLEANSING CICA-GEL with Cu-Zn which soothes thanks to the TLR2-Regul complex + Uriage Thermal Water, which cleanses thanks to copper and zinc and which cleanses without drying out with a soap-free washing base enriched with superfatting agents.

Apply it to previously wet skin. Lather then rinse. Dry by dabbing gently, especially if your hands are damaged.


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